Construction Industry

Successful, growth-oriented construction companies don’t “just happen”. Along with a healthy dose of perspiration, comes a high degree of preparation and planning. Construction is highly volatile industry that demands confident responses to on-going changes. Outside factors, including tax requirements, interest rates, governmental regulations, energy prices and materials shortages, often dictate to what degree a construction company will prosper.

Closely-held businesses – as many construction companies are – frequently find it difficult and costly to internally develop all the expertise necessary to meet the challenges of today’s business environment. They need a financial solutions partner with the specialized experience to analyze any number of situations and quickly formulate a plan for success, so that you can do what you do best – build the future. IFS is ready to get to work for you, with business, tax, financial and accounting advice.

Providing the services you need

Our Construction Industries Group is uniquely qualified to provide you with meaningful and timely information, as well as the research, evaluation and recommendations that help build your business, including:

• Financial and bond assistance

• Job costing systems

• Budgeting

• Cash flow management

• Site auditing

• Technology selection and training

• Owner succession

• Employee benefit plans

• Buy/Sell agreements

• Lease/buy considerations

• Regulatory and licensing reporting

• Business valuations

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Inventory control systems

• Equipment management and control

• Litigation support

• Contract review

• Cost studies

• Financial forecasting


IFS is a professional accounting firm which is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of financial management and reporting. We are on constant guard to ensure that our clients use the complex tax code to their best advantage, as well as eliminating potential tax pitfalls.


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Income Tax Prep

The complexity of the current tax code demands the experience and knowledge of a tax professional when preparing business and personal income tax returns. Our CPAs and tax professionals at IFS are dedicated to legally and appropriately minimizing tax liabilities for our clients.


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Financial Planning

Whether you are conservative or aggressive in your approach to financial management, IFS’s team can help you make the right moves, at the right times, with the right resources. Our financial planning services take every aspect of your financial landscape into account and devise the most appropriate scenarios for your review prior to moving forward.

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