An easy cut and dry real estate deal simply no longer exists in our complex property market. Resources are limited and funding is more likely than ever to come from a consortium of different entities, each with highly divergent goals and points-of-view. Bringing these interests together is among the biggest challenges facing the industry today.

As a locally-based company, IFS understands the community – because we have been an integral part of the community for quite some time. We know the area’s lenders and investors, buyers and sellers, that are needed to put a deal – and keep it – together.

There are many critical decisions to be made before your plans get off the drawing board. IFS helps identify and select the best alternatives available for:

• Financial and income tax structures

• Projection of cash flow

• Feasibility studies

• Financing applications and negotiations

• Investor analysis and presentations

• Syndication laws and regulations

Providing the services you need

IFS’ Real Estate Group helps make your project a reality. Construction, rehabilitation or remodeling costs need close attention and control. Lease and management agreements need careful review for financial consequences. Accounting and information systems need to be established and monitored. We offer guidance in:

• Cost accounting and certification (for projects using governmental funding sources)

• Internal control and accounting system design and implementation

• Computer system selection and implementation

• Interim and year-end reporting systems

The variety and ferocity of competitors grows every day. Shrinking margins and a trend toward direct sales models are changing the landscape in way that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Closely-held wholesaler/distributors must focus their efforts on optimizing profits through cost containment, order handling, operating efficiencies and reducing the operating cycle. There is almost no margin of error. But, the time and expertise needed to manage the business of your business are well outside those margins. Results-oriented management needs the sound and timely business, tax, financial and accounting advice of financial experts to remain viable and competitive.

IFS knows the challenges of successfully managing wholesaler/distributor operations. From “just on time” deliveries to employee relations to cash flow, we offer solutions that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle.

Providing the services you need

Our Wholesaler/Distributor Industries Group is uniquely qualified to help, with the expertise necessary to meet the challenges of today’s evolving business environment, including:

• Sales analysis and marketing plan development

o Customer base analysis

o Profitability analysis

o Product pricing

o Establishing credit policies

o Order mix analysis

o Cost-per-order analysis

o Order shipment history analysis

o Backorder control

o Sales forecasting

o Commission structures

o Returns control

• Inventory control

o Forecasting

o Electronic perpetual inventory

o Order entry systems

o Re-order point analysis

o Warehousing analysis

• Overhead containment and profitability studies

o Evaluation of transportation modes

o Lease/buy considerations

o Establishing key performance indicators

o Ration analysis and interpreting business trends

• Rate of return and capital expenditure analysis

• Forecasting techniques

o Financial projections and operating budgets

o Cash flow management

• Strategic planning

• Business plan development

• Revolving credit facilities

• Letters-of-credit financing

• Break-even analysis and profit maximization

• Last in-first out (LIFO) inventory valuations

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Organization structure

o Executive recruiting

o Compensation consulting

o Developing business continuity plans

o Structuring buy/sell agreements

• Employee benefit plans

• Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP)

• Internal control studies

• Accounting systems design and implementation

• Computer hardware/software selection/training


IFS is a professional accounting firm which is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of financial management and reporting. We are on constant guard to ensure that our clients use the complex tax code to their best advantage, as well as eliminating potential tax pitfalls.


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Income Tax Prep

The complexity of the current tax code demands the experience and knowledge of a tax professional when preparing business and personal income tax returns. Our CPAs and tax professionals at IFS are dedicated to legally and appropriately minimizing tax liabilities for our clients.


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Financial Planning

Whether you are conservative or aggressive in your approach to financial management, IFS’s team can help you make the right moves, at the right times, with the right resources. Our financial planning services take every aspect of your financial landscape into account and devise the most appropriate scenarios for your review prior to moving forward.

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